It is recommended that your project be exported to AVI using the RGB version of Ut Video Codec or MOV using Apple ProRes. This will provided one master version that can be used for creating various copies that may be needed. Tools such as AviSynth can be used to append credits, resize, or add extra blank space to the video if requested by contests. If you need assistance with how to combined or resize videos with AviSynth it is recommended you check out this guide.

Need the software mentioned in this guide? Visit the Setup Guide for more information.

Encoding with AMVtool

1. Open the AMVtool software.

2. In the main window click the “Add” button.

3. Browse to the folder where AMV.avi, AMV.avs, or AMV.mov is located, select it, and click Open.

(NOTE: If you have more than one file to convert, make sure to add them all before proceeding!)

4. Click the “START” button.

5. Once the process finishes you can exit the AMVtool application.

Result: You will have AMV.mp4