Using Script Filters

AviSynth & VapourSynth filters help to clean up videos; however, the method you use will depend on the type of source material. The guides below will give you a starting point for how to filter videos from various types of sources.

If you would like a more extensive guide to AviSynth or VapourSynth, visit l33tmeatwad’s AviSynth 101 Tutorial or VapourSynth 101 Tutorial.

Term Reference Guide

Color Space – The way that video color information is stored.

Chrominance (Chroma) – Color information for YUV color space.

Luma – Brightness information for YUV color space.

Color Banding – Distorted display of color in which gradients are broken into distinct bars.

Crushed Blacks – Clipping in the darker areas of the picture that results in lost detail.

Dot Crawl – Distortion that consists of moving dot along the edges of objects and the picture frame.

Macroblocking – Distortion caused by low bitrates video compression that causes visible blocks of blurred detail in the picture.

Mosquito Noise – Distortion along the edges of objects that appears as translucent shimmering dots.

Rainbowing – Chroma distortion that causes a rainbow effect along the edges of objects.