IMPORTANT: By default macOS disables users from installing apps that are not from the App Store or Identified Developers. To approve the installers please follow the instructions provided by Apple for opening an app that hasn't been notarized or is from an unidentified developer.

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Installation Guides

Install MakeMKV

  1. Open MakeMKV.dmg

  2. On the License Agreement screen click Agree.

  3. Once the DMG opens in finder, drag MakeMKV into the Applications folder shortcut.

  4. Open the Applications folder shortcut, locate MakeMKV, and then drag the application into the Dock.

  5. Visit this MakeMKV forum thread and copy the code.

  6. Launch MakeMKV from the dock.

  7. Click open on the dialog box asking if you want to run the downloaded application (you will only be asked this once).

  8. In the menu bar go to Help then click on Register.

  9. Paste the code into the dialog box and click OK.

  10. Click OK on the “Thank you” dialog box and quit the application.

Install AMVpack

  1. Open AMVpack.pkg

  2. On the Introduction screen click Continue.

  3. On the License Agreement screen click Continue.

  4. In the Read License drop down click Agree

  5. In the Custom Install screen click Install. (NOTE: If you need additional features, such as tsMuxeR, make sure to click Customize and select them before continuing!)

  6. Enter your password when requested then click Install Software.

  7. On the Summary screen click Close.